World’s Steak Medium Rare

New Social Chow Hall

I think if there is one place everyone connects regardless of where they came from is at a chow hall.  I have met some of the greatest people in the Army’s chow hall. Since we no longer have a chow hall to share a meal, I wanted to make this a place for us to meet and share our favorite steak.  Steak my friends is one protein all veterans love!

“How can you forget steak and lobster night at the local chow hall overseas?”

I remember every Friday was steak and lobster dinner at the chow hall when I was in Iraq.
That my friends was a memorable event because we all equally looked forward to it.
Sr. HR Generalist | Frozen Food Manufacturing


Houston | Charlie

The best place for a medium rare steak that just melted with every bite  was at Union Kitchen


Slidell | Richard Krymski

The best place to eat a medium well "rib eye sizzling with a butter garlic sauce was at Copeland's in Slidell, Louisiana." Must be good if a medium well "melted in his mouth."

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Let me know if you tried any of the places to eat steaks that we recommended. How was your experience?