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Meet Transitioning Veteran: Clinton Brown

Meet Clinton

Clinton Brown is a brave, charismatic and energetic transition service member from beautiful North Carolina with a “can do attitude” who is currently working for the Army as an E-7 or Sergeant First Class. His current duty has brought him to stupendous Texas as a Human Resources  Manager where he will be retiring. He is known for developing “creative win-win solutions to key organizational challenges” aka he is what we call a colossal problem solver. Who can’t use a great problem solver in their organization?

Army Responsibilities

Clinton has honorably served over 19 years in the Army  with over 15 years of experience as a Human Resource Manager (42A) and Field Artillery (13F) Non-commissioned Officer (NCO) AKA manager.  He has selflessly deployed numerous times during his long career in the service.  His extensive experience in HR includes: On-boarding, training & development, coaching, mentoring, employee relations, problem-solving, conflict management, policy establishment, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Database Management, and Equal Opportunity training. 

He is also a humanitarian who volunteers for the Central Texas with the Soldier Angels organization as a Veteran Affairs Deputy Representative. He is constantly visiting patients to bring their morale up. He also did an internship at Caritas in Austin Texas, a nonprofit organization that helps Refugees and veterans that are displaced or looking to improve their life situation. 

As a Human Resources Generalist for four months, he learned the integrates of the Human Resource field in the Civilian sector. This is where he noticed the many differences between HR in the service versus the civilian sector. He noticed that terminology to work systems are very different, but he looks forward to conquering these challenges in due time.  He is devoted to learning the differences and the similarities so he can be the champion for both the organization and the employees of any company willing and able to give him the chance. 

Transitioning Challenges

Like many service members one of the greatest obstacles he is facing is translating his experience in the service and  “fine-tuning his resume for the job that supports his passion” which he is also trying to identify. It is difficult to find which passion to pursue since he has seen so much and done so much as he exits the service. Somehow he narrowed down his passion to align with a great human resource track. The two passions that he is considering are work in the Human Resource Career field so he can continue helping individuals throughout a company and his community.  He hopes to bring numerous programs to a great organization looking to truly engage like did when he instituted an employee recognition program. Programs like these that would increase that feeling from our employees that we care about them and we recognize their impact. At the same time, he is also considering pursuing his other love which is Information Technology or IT.


His Civilian Career Aspirations

Clinton will be available to start work in June of 2019 hopefully in Texas near Austin, Waco, Temple, or San Antonio.  He is looking for a Human Resource Business Partner opportunity specializing in employee relations or labor relations in the near future so he can one day lead an organization as an HR Director. Any company would be lucky to have such a humble, and technical employee who is devoted to providing great HR service to the  organization and employees. He is truly passionate about joining an organization in Technology, Health, Food, Manufacturing, Research, and Energy. 

Transitioning Advice From Colin

To any transitioning service member, he hopes that they would plan their exit strategy at least 24 months from their ETS. Begin your route to the civilian sector by not only taking the classes provided by the Soldier for Life, but actually pay attention and follow their advice.  Also, start networking using great social media platforms like LinkedIn.  Reach out to other Soldiers and leaders that maybe able to connect you to an opportunity in the civilian sector. Stop waiting till the last minute.  Also, start attending the on post career fairs so you know ahead of time what recruiters might be looking for in candidates. 

Some of the services available to you that he recommends are:

  • Soldier for Life Classes
  • USO Google IT program
  • Veterans4QualityAssurance program
  • Austin Human Resource Management Association (AHRMA)
  • Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)
  • American Corporate Partners Mentorship (ACP)
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)

Reach Out to Clinton, Today!

Clinton doesn’t eat steak very often. So he couldn’t give us a good recommendation. It’s okay Clinton! 

If you have an opportunity or know of someone that can help Richard, please reach out to him via:

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I am a Sr. HR Generalist for a frozen food manufacturing company.  At this company, we have over 10,000 employees. As a generalist, I support the operations of two plants with over 600 employees and growing. I am also a U.S. Army veteran who served over 10 years in active duty. I spent eight of my ten years overseas (Iraq, South Korea, Alaska and Hawaii).

I am a self-starter with a mind of my own. I am a free spirit who loves to encourage others to see past what is in front of them so they can live life to the fullest always!

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