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Veterans in Food: Chef Andre Rush

Meet Chef Rush

It was a great honor interviewing renowned White House Chef, Andre Rush. He is a well known chef not just known for his out of this world cuisine but also his passion for veterans. He uses a very unique technique of pushing a healthy lifestyle for everyone. It was a pleasure speaking to him.

Veteran Background

Chef Rush joined the Army’s quatermaster branch back when the mos food service specialist was 94B. He started his culinary career in the army as a line cook. He mentioned that back then he cooked everything from beginning to end from fresh breads to delicious pastries. Back then, army cooking was more like home cooking. He was encouraged to cook by a caring CSM who noticed his passion for food back when he was much younger. After that, Chef Rush spoke about how he dove right in challenging himself by entering contests and absorbing everything like an “oversized sponge. He was very proud of being a part of the Army’s Culinary team.

He also mentioned how much more he is involved in the army now then when he was in. He says he has accomplished more in the last eight months than during his entire time in the service. He feels so blessed by being able to “reach hundreds of thousands veterans.” His message centers around not giving up and knowing he is there when no one else is. I can only imagine how his food has inspired many presidents like Obama, Clinton, and Bush. One of his most memorable accomplishments happened recently when a father reached out to him to let him know how his own daughter decided to go to culinary school after watching him cook.

About Food Career

When I asked Chef Rush about his title he mentioned he was a master ice carver a pastry chef and many others, but the one title he is the most proud of is that of simply Chef. He is very proud of not only being a chef but also a mentor and an inspiration. He currently has two TV shows coming out and a book. No matter what he does he is very proud of his partnership with the USO and their mission. He has even been in Good Morning America to bring awareness for the advocacy that he does for veterans through the USO. Arnold Schwarzenegger was so impressed by Chef Rush he is also helping him advocate for veterans and their families. He is an all around inspiration to any veteran seeking to succeed whether that be in Food or another area.

Passion For Food

So you maybe wondering where Chef Rush found his passion for food. He found his passion at home in Columbus, Mississippi. Here he learned from his mother that it is ok to be a “big guy” and cook. He mentioned how many people looked down on him because he was a male and cooking like women should do. Thankfully for all of us who admire him, he did not let that stereotype define his future.

Future Career Aspirations

Since Chef Rush is already living his dream, he has moved past just looking for that next step job and has focused his efforts in to helping as many people as possible. He wants to “highlight the word chef.” He is committed to the culinary arts and staying humble as a professional Chef should. He emphasizes every time that he “is a Chef dammit.” We all have to love his enthusiasm, energy, devotion and passion for his profession. We should all be so committed to our own careers. What an amazing inspiration.

Transitioning Advice From Veteran

When asked what advice he had, he said that we must as veterans remember that “knowledge is power.” That being successful is so much more than just being good at your job, you must understand the business and the bottom line. You must not only like your job; “you have to be passionate for food.” What great advice he gave. His devotion goes so much further than just food. He is passionate at culinary arts and graciously aspires to be a role model that inspires others to follow his footsteps for his passion for food. He knows that the future depends upon the legacy that we leave behind to our children. He shared a Great story of how he was asked by a LTC to teach his eight year old son how to cook about 12 to 13 years ago. About a year ago that same LTC came up to him and gave him a great surprise. Not only did his son also followed Chef Rush’s footsteps by going to culinary school so did the LTC. Then he went on to mention how the money follows the passion. He said people should follow their passion and choose careers based on their passion and not solely for the money. What Great advice that is. Like Chef Rush many of the greatest people that ever lived did just that

Connect with Chef Rush

If you would like to connect with Chef Rush, please reach out to him via:

  • LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/in/andre-rush-1199255/
  • Twitter: @realchefrush
  • Instagram: @realchefrush

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I am a Sr. HR Generalist for a frozen food manufacturing company.  At this company, we have over 10,000 employees. As a generalist, I support the operations of two plants with over 600 employees and growing. I am also a U.S. Army veteran who served over 10 years in active duty. I spent eight of my ten years overseas (Iraq, South Korea, Alaska and Hawaii).

I am a self-starter with a mind of my own. I am a free spirit who loves to encourage others to see past what is in front of them so they can live life to the fullest always!

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