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Transitioning Veteran Intro: Richard Krymski

Meet Richard

Richard Krymski is a  transitioning service member.  He is currently working for the Navy as an E-7 or a Chief Petty Chief Officer as a Sr. HR Business Partner  in the beautiful San Diego area.

Navy Responsibilities

Richard has served over 20 years in the Navy. He is a proficient communicator with experience in: Equal Opportunity, Data Analysis, Onboarding and training and development. He also has solid experience in effective negotiation, process improvement, employee relations, retention, and building trust with leaders, peers, and direct reports. He acquired strong problem-solving, and decision-making skills while building his team. He also has hands on experience developing and implementing new policies and processes.  

  • Managed a climate survey for an organization of 350 personnel and led focus groups assessing a wide variety of survey data while advising business leaders and staff on all equal opportunity matters, including sexual harassment, discrimination, and affirmative action
  • Verified issues with pliable information, created a long-range plan of actions and milestones to set goals and work towards making improvements to the organization’s climate
  • Collaborated with Communities of Expertise, leaders and staff of 20 to 300 employees at all levels to create program documents and/or templates used for local program implementations as well as ensure new programs and processes are effectively communicated and implemented within the business

Transitioning Challenges

Richard’s biggest transitioning challenge is being able to build a civilian resume that he started over eight months from today (1.2.2019). He mentions that he has “struggled with his resume” the most mainly due to the overload of information.  Early on, he realized that the best way to  win was to network and ask for help.  

He reached out to countless HR professionals. He very carefully narrowed down the advice to the most important areas.  He decided to limit the information of his resume to what he feels recruiters would like to know. He built a master resume that he can now use to tailor to everyone also found it hard to learn a completely different language then one he has “dealt with for the past 24 years.” 

The last area that he has struggled with is the uncertainty of the “unknown.” Like many veterans before him, he also was “accustomed to the military” and now he has to start over again.  This is one struggle that I know as HR professionals we can help.  We can help by reaching out to him and giving him good advice on the areas that his military experience will help him thrive such as all of the leadership training.


His Civilian Career Aspirations

Richard is seeking a role in Talent Acquisition.  He loves to “help people” by assisting them find new great opportunities within the organization.  He also wants to be to pass on “any and all info or knowledge” so they won’t have to struggle like he did at the beginning. 


Transitioning Advice From Richard

Richard recommends that anyone seeking to transition should ask for help. Most veterans who have successfully transitioned will be very empathetic to the struggle with transitioning. He also feels that having a strong support system has helped him ease his transition. His family has been very supportive throughout the process. He is very thankful to his wife of 21 years for being a strong, woman, mother, wife, and best friend without her understanding, support and love his transition would be so much harder.

He also mentioned the importance of looking “for programs that specifically help veterans during their transition.” 

Some of his favorite programs are:

  • Free LinkedIn membership 
  • Veterati
  • American Corporate Partners
  • Hire Heroes USA
  • Onward 2 Opportunity

Favorite Steak

Richard is a carnivore like me.  He found the perfect steak and ordered it medium well at a Copeland’s in Slidell, Louisiana.  He said that the steak was a “rib eye sizzling with a butter garlic sauce.” Must be good if a medium well “melted in his mouth.”

This one my friends made it on my list of a best place to eat a steak medium well in Louisiana. If you go post a picture and tag me on Twitter or Instagram at @CeciliaClark923.

Check out other great places to eat recommended by your veterans here –> World’s Steaks 

If you have an opportunity or know of someone that can help Richard, please reach out to him via:

About the Author

My name is Cecilia Alexandra Clark.  I prefer C.A. Clark or Charlie Clark.  Most people know me as Cici, but this year I decided it was time that I created a pen name for my blogs.  

I am a Sr. HR Generalist for a frozen food manufacturing company.  At this company, we have over 10,000 employees. As a generalist, I support the operations of two plants with over 600 employees and growing. I am also a U.S. Army veteran who served over 10 years in active duty. I spent eight of my ten years overseas (Iraq, South Korea, Alaska and Hawaii).

I am a self-starter with a mind of my own. I am a free spirit who loves to encourage others to see past what is in front of them so they can live life to the fullest always!

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