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Women are Strong Leaders!

This weekend I decided to have one of those weekends filled with relaxing and fun chill activities.  This means it would be a movie filled weekend focusing on strong women. Why? Because when I was looking for a movie the first suggestion was the Stepford Wives.  I don’t really like to make too many decisions on Saturday’s and Sunday’s specially when I am always making decisions at work.  I truly like to let my mind take a break.  I know that this movie is cheesy and very unreal, but it was cool. So don’t judge me and read on! 

If you never had the delight to watch the movie then I am going to tell you to go watch it now cause here comes spoilers.  The movie is about Joanna a ‘Manhattan career bitch’ who allowed her husband to move her to the suburbs after a huge career blunder.  There the men of the city try to make her in to a fem-bot to take away her ‘faults.’  Luckily for her, her husband comes to the rescue and then they bring down the evil scientist who made it happen.  

This movie made me think about a few things:

One is how easily we allow others to dictate what the meaning of beauty is and what success should look like.  

We allow Hollywood and Victoria Secret models to push us towards fitting this cookie cutter mold of what people should look like and act like.  For people who are like me, aka “normal” this makes me feel like I am not good enough because I don’t fit in to a size 0.  I was blessed with curves and a funky attitude.  

Sorry but, I like me for who I am and I love you for being who you are.  I like helping others look inside themselves and get to know what makes them unique and amazing.  Sometimes, I feel that as people we have one major fault. We have stopped being optimistic and started only focusing on the negative. We narrow in on the problems and the issues. We make it difficult to think about what support we can provide to others to make them better and achieve career happiness and success.  

I can’t be hypocritical and say that I don’t do that. It is hard for me to get past mistakes. They bother me. I analyze them until I can pinpoint what I did wrong, what I could have done better, and how I will be able to add foolproof ways to not make the same mistake.  I know that this type of thinking can slow me down so I work hard to focus in on what I did right. I focus on everything I have accomplished so I can imitate that same success in the future. 

The last thing that this movie made me think about is how easily we judge others based on preconceived stereotypes.

This movie made me think of #SHRM18’s keynote speaker Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook.  She focused in on how successful women are seen as “too aggressive or too bossy.”  This movie really showed this thought.  This cheesy movie made me see how easily it is to feel that women who are successful have to change theirs attitudes to more closely resemble men’s. As Sheryl mentioned, women don’t change as they move on up the executive ladder. This movie even showed how the only way that women can be changed is by making them in to robots. 

I look at my daughter now who some people consider to be “bossy,” but she is not bossy! She has executive leadership skills. Why are we systematically wired to think that women are not good leaders?  My boss is a representation of what a leader should be like. She is strong, educated, direct, and a real human being. She has taught me the meaning of being an HR professional who balances the needs of the business with the needs of our people. Guess what, she is not aggressive or mean.  She is an HR superstar.  I know she doesn’t read this. So don’t go telling her I said that, lol. 

Why do we think that women have problems leading?  I have seen with my own two eyes, strong women who drive action and solve problems.  I think that one quality that most women have that make us exceptional leaders is our ability to multi task and think at a high level.  

I strongly believe that strong women are wildly sophisticated.  They are constantly learning and know themselves very well.

Let’s not allow anyone to get on between us and our dreams! Cheers, ladies!

Just a normal HR Fan!