HR Truth

I am Not the Scary HR Darth Vader

Let me tell you, if there is one thing that truly grinds my gears is that perception that just because I am in HR I am scary.

Don’t get me wrong, I get it! But in today’s world, we are not suppose to judge people for preconceived ideas, but this is what happens all the time with us.

Let me tell you, this is so frustrating for me because I love talking to people.

I love hearing about everything from the name of your puppy to your favorite movie. That allows me to build a good relationship and truly relate to you.

I am a huge Star Wars fan and that is a great topic that brings people in all walks of life together.

Why? Because that movie is awesome. The only movie that keeps on giving and helps me connect with people instantly.

It’s interesting because when I say hey do you like Star Wars they get so rattled like how dare you HR be a human being with emotions and feelings?

It’s taken me months to get that idea that I am out to get them like the HR Darth Vader out of my employees’ minds.

All I had to do was smile every day, ask questions, eat lunch in the cafeteria, listen when they speak to me, and act when necessary to make their work life a little better.

My efforts to connect have been very successful, but I am still battling this awful stereotype. Trust me, I am not out to terminate anyone. All I want is to get to know them better so I can help them be more productive, find their motivation so I can open up doors within my company for them.

I go out of my way to connect with them down to the shoes I wear. I could wear fancy heels and expensive work shoes, but I prefer to wear the same yellow boots they wear.

To them I am no longer the scary Darth Vader using evil Jedi mind tricks, but more like Princess Leia ready to fight alongside them to keep them productive and happy with the Republic.

Yes, I am no Darth Vader, but I do have some awesome HR Jedi powers!

Cheers to my fellow HR Jedi’s out there!

~Till Next Time My Friends May the Fourth be with you!


Just a normal HR Fan!