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If It’s Broken Help Them Fix It

Did you know that according to the Bureau of Labor statistics the average worker will have 10 completely different jobs by the time they are forty?

I hate to admit it, but I fall right in to that category.

I have been an assistant network administrator, a web designer, a medical equipment supply sales rep, a teller, a new accounts rep, a Sr loan processor, a helicopter mechanic, a maintenance supervisor, a supply rep, an HR manager, a recruiter, a talent acquisition manager, and now a Sr. HR Generalist.

Wow, I have held 13 different jobs in the past 17 years. Let’s just say I started very young and there were many promotions. Plus, we can’t forget my 10 years in the Army. Regardless, don’t be ashamed of having lots of jobs that just adds on to your skills toolkit.

Overall, the theme of all of my jobs has been problem solving.

I have an obsession with fixing what is broken.

In HR, my job is not to fix our plant problems, but to help guide and teach our people to solve them as puzzles.

I like to find a problem and tap the right people on the shoulder to fix them.

That in a sense is my job.

Help me. Help you make life a little better!

This is such a great skill to have when you are in HR! Even all of these different jobs have been a blessing.


Because I know how to relate to people and how to guide others in to doing the right thing to solve their problems.

Don’t get me wrong, I am no expert at anything other than how to manage and guide talent towards achieving greater productivity and happiness. Sounds fancy doesn’t it?

I am able to connect the problems that I come across with the right people. I am that kind of person that cannot walk past any.

This is why I am considered a great HR business partner.

I love to sit down with our people and ask millions of questions to help them come up with the right solutions.

I don’t ever try to push my own ideas and I always ask questions.

~ Till next time my friends

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