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The Power of Social Gravity in HR

If you were to ask anyone to describe me I am sure they would say “Cici is outgoing and energetic.”

Even as a young professional, I always made an effort to get to know people.

This need to get to know people has helped me immensely because it has allowed me to use my network to get myself and my company out of trouble.

Why? Because people are more willing to help you when you are nice! That is a fact. In HR, this ability to build and keep relationships is crucial. Luckily for me, I am a natural.

Let me tell you a story

About a time that this allowed me to help my company with the necessities that we did not have.

First, I would like to burst a myth. The military doesn’t have an endless amount of resources.

We relied heavily on a strict budget. There is no such thing as going over the budget.

When I was in Iraq, we landed and the first 3 months we had zero access to our funds. Don’t ask me why! I don’t know.

As a maintenance supervisor, I needed paper and ink! I needed these supplies to get my team up.

What did I do? I got the bright idea to go and make friends with all of the supply supervisors that were packing up to go home. I made a deal with them and gave them my contact info.

I told them that I could help them by taking some of these supplies off their hands and I would also help them if they needed it.

Next thing I know, I had 4 pick up trucks full of supplies. It was awesome. I was able to supply my company for almost 6 months with what I had gathered.

We were able to use the extra funds we weren’t using for every day supplies to buy other things!

All thanks to my social skills aka my social gravity.

How is this useful now?

In HR, I am easily able to build relationships with people. They open up to me and keep me informed of everything because I remember what they care about.

People want HR to care. Remember that!

Social gravity to be effective must be genuine!

~ Till next time my friends


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