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2 Questions to Ask to Increase Motivation

Over the past 15 years, I have been in a leadership position in various roles from maintenance supervisor to now a Sr. HR Generalist.  As a leader, the toughest job we have is to figure out how to successfully motivate and encourage our people to come to work happy and give us 110% every day.  In the military, I learned early on that a title alone will not motivate people to make the job happen.

Since I became a Sr. HR Generalist, one of my favorite things to do is New Employee Onboarding, AKA NEO. I know that seems insane, but I love being able to connect and to get to know our new hires. I love talking about the multiple reasons why joining our team was the best choice for them.

Don’t forget that NEO sets the tone for the rest of their time at your company.

What makes our NEO special? I take the time to ask the right questions so they know from the beginning that we care.  Our employees love feeling appreciated.

The first question that I ask is:
“Tell me what do you love to do more than anything in the entire world?”

You are probably wondering why is this simple question that is unrelated to the job so important? This is when you are able to discover what their driver is. What is a driver? That is their individual motivation to do a good job and give 110% each and every day. I feel sometimes that we make the assumption that everyone falls in the same category. That is a mistake you cannot make specially during low unemployment times. The competition for talent right now is fierce.

I use these drivers to tailor NEO to highlight areas that will interest my class.

For example, one of the biggest drivers for our employees are their desire to provide for their family. That can mean many things such as ensuring that they are assigned to the line that has the most overtime so they can provide for their family in a compensation aspect. At the same time, this can mean that they want to know more about the extra benefits that we offer for their family.

I use this information to make NEO more interesting and keep my class engaged. It is about asking them questions, paying attention to their body language, and where they are motivated to ask follow up questions.

So asking the question is just a first step. You have to be alert and write down this information so you can add it to their employee file and give their new supervisor more information.

All of this is like an art. It takes a special person to do this right. So my recommendation to you is to make sure you have the right person assigned as the facilitator during this very crucial time in a new hire’s journey.

#Family #SHRM #SHRM18Blogger #Retention #WorkLifeBalance #MakeLifeALitteBettrLet me tell you that my number one driver is taking care of my family. So to me while Benefits and Money are important, my time with my family is even more important. I have School aged children and since my husband is a pilot I have to be available to take care of them. So that means that my most important benefit is the work life balance that my current employer provides me.

Do you now see the importance of asking questions and getting to know your people?

The last and most important question that I ask is:
“So let me ask you to go back as far as you need to and tell me, what was the one job that you loved doing more than anything and why?”

Again, you must be asking why is this so important? I hear from other HR pros all of the time how difficult it is to find good employees. Everyone has seen the resumes coming in with gaps in employment and even more alarming the job hopping. This can be easily explained by the fact that in this economy and with the stress of bills people have no choice, but to take any job to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads.

So why not make the extra effort and see if you have a job that will make them happy. During these questions, I discovered that a lot of people are hungry to learn new skills, and a job that will provide them a clear future.

So if you have something that will keep them challenged or a career with a developed OJT program, why not give them the opportunity? Why not use that to keep them happy and engaged? You cannot forget to let their supervisors know that now they one more person in their team who is willing and hungry to do more.

Again, all of this takes two skills one is the desire to get to know people and the knowledge of how your company is structured.

Easy right?

If you have more questions or suggestions just let me know!

~Till Next Time My Friends

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